There are many opportunities to view public art in Benicia. Visit the rotating exhibits in the Art Gallery at the Benicia Public Library at 150 East L Street and the Council Chambers at Benicia City Hall at 250 East L Street. In addition, check out these public art pieces:

Downtown | Waterfront Areas

“Benicia Bench”
By Robert Arneson
Location: East Fifth Street side of Benicia Marina

“Dona Benicia’s Mantilla” (envelops the General’s chair)
By Linda Fleming
Location: Harbor Walk, First Street and East B Street

“Light Harp”
By Scott Zoog
Location: Behind The Tannery Building, 129 First Street

“Neptune’s Daughter”
By Lisa Reinerston
Location: Waterfront walkway behind The Tannery Building, 129-131 First Street

First St. Mural Tiles (inlaid in sidewalks)
By Guillermo Wagner Granizo
Starting in front of the Veteran’s Hall, 1150 First Street
Also, check out the Granizo exhibit at the Benicia Historical Museum

Ceramic-tiled Picnic Tables/Benches
By St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School students
Location: City Park, First Street at Military West

Benicia Public Library, 150 East L St.

“Birth Joy”
By Judy Chicago

By Sandra Shannonhouse

“The Navigator” (tile wall)
By Guillermo Wagner Granizo

By Alice Otsuji Hager

By Gregg Renfrow

By Julius Hatofsky

By Julius Hatofsky

Benicia Community Center, 380 East L St.

Self-portrait Tile Walls
By Mills Elementary students, instruction by Guillermo Wagner Granizo
Location: Benicia Community Center, 370 East L Street.

“Wind, Water, Land”
By local glass, metal & lighting artists: Brian Giambastiani, David Lindsay, Nick Nourot, Micheal Nourot, David Nourot and Mike Kendall
Location: Benicia Community Center, 370 East L Street

City Hall, 250 East L St.

By Victor Tschudy

“Let Us Never Forget”
By Carquinez Strait Stitchers

Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpaper
Conference Room #1

Beyond Downtown

“Caduceus Rose”
By Lee Roy Champagne
Location: Rose Drive Medical Arts Center, 1100 Rose Drive at Columbus Parkway


"Signal Box Art in Beautiful Benicia"

“Benicia Bench” By Robert Arneson
Use the map to find Benicia’s Public Art features: