Signal Box Art in Beautiful Benicia
Phase I of signal box art in Benicia, CA. See it you can locate them all when you spend a great day by the bay in Benicia. Special thanks to the artists, Benicia Arts & Culture Commission, and Terry Scott for creating the video. Look for Phase II coming soon.
Bird’s-Eye View of Benicia
Fly over this beautiful waterfront town in the San Francisco Bay Area. See why so many people are discovering that sunrise to sunset, it’s always A Great Day by the Bay in Benicia!
A Quick Benicia Flyover
Flying cameras captured people enjoying another beautiful day in Benicia. Take a short flight and see for yourself.
A Great Dog Day by the Bay
A favorite spot for people and their four-legged friends is the Promenade, with a long walkway for strolling, and when the tide goes out, a playground for pups. Here’s 12 seconds of pure doggy joy.
A Great Day By the Bay in Benicia
What’s it really like spending “A Great Day By the Bay” in Benicia? Here’s a whirlwind tour in about a minute.
Extraordinary Building at the Bencia Historical Museum
This structure at the Benicia Historical Museum has a fascinating history. Its elegant architecture is even more surprising when you see how it was used.
Benicia Capitol State Historic Park
Benicia was one of California’s first state capitals, and the beautiful brick building is still a centerpiece of this San Francisco Bay Area town.
Benicia Historical Museum
This fascinating town has a special place in U.S. history, and that comes to life at the Benicia Historical Museum. See a sampling in this short video.
Bookshop Benicia
Bookshop Benicia is an independent bookstore with a fun variety of items. It’s run by folks who are passionate about books, and sharing their love of literature.
Shorelight Inn, Benicia
The waterfront city of Benicia has a new place to stay overnight. Shorelight Inn is right on the water, with spectacular views of the Carquinez Strait. Here’s an inside look with owner Stephen David.
Glass Blowing in Benicia
Visitors to Benicia can check out three world-class art glass studios. Creating a work of art from molten glass is an amazing process. See a vase come to life in this 2-1/2 minute video.
Mayor Patterson Talks about Shopping in Benicia
There’s just something special about shopping in Benicia. And it’s a great place for picking up holiday gifts for everyone on the list. Benicia’s mayor, Elizabeth Patterson, talks about what makes shopping here unique.

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